ELITE Club Deal

What is ELITE Club Deal?

ELITE Club Deal is an online private placement platform designed to streamline the capital raising process for companies.
ELITE Club Deal offers companies the opportunity to connect to professional investors (institutional investors, VCs, private equity firms and other professional investors) offering them a host of funding options (equity & debt) in an online integrated environment.
All company documentation is presented in a standardised format, further streamlining the investment process for participants.
ELITE Club Deal is the natural next step in the evolution of ELITE’s suite of business support services offered to ELITE companies from financial education to capital raising.

How does ELITE Club Deal work?

  • A company seeking capital, supported by an ELITE Partner, opens an “Opportunity” on the Platform and creates initial deal Terms & Conditions (based on a standard format set by ELITE Club Deal)
  • All documentation is uploaded and stored in the ELITE Club Deal Data Room
  • The company agrees T&Cs with a Cornerstone Investor(s). Follow-on Investor(s) submit their orders on the same terms and conditions
  • Institutional and other professional Investors can be connected to the Platform through Agents, typically corporate brokers and banks
  • The Platform manages the order collection and the settlement bank is in charge of settlement and cash management

Why should companies use ELITE Club Deal to raise money?

  • Access to host of advisors & investors
  • Multiple funding options - equity and debt instruments
  • Standardised investment process
  • ELITE Club Deal taps into LSEG global network and financial market capabilities

Why should investors use ELITE Club Deal?

  • Access to fast growing private companies already part of successful ELITE community
  • All company information is in a standardised format, enabling investors to easily evaluate deals
  • Co-investment opportunities
  • Open to multiple asset classes